1. Keeping ‘live‘ dotfiles in a Git repo

    How to keep a ‘live’ version of dotfiles in a git repository without having to sync or symlink to a repository elsewhere on your machine

  2. Why npm-update might not do what you would expect

    Why npm-update might not always do what you may expect because it respects semver and how caret versions below 1.0.0 are a bit special.

  3. Using JavaScript modules embedded in HTML

    A nifty trick using JavaScript modules embedded in HTML using a <script> tag with a `type="module"` attribute.

  4. Some recent NODE_ENV and devDependencies woes

    How a Dependabot PR, a broken build, a stray NODE_ENV environment variable and devDependencies that should have been dependecies taught me things about npm.

  5. Using Pandoc style footnotes in Eleventy

    A brief explanation how to enable Pandoc style footnotes in Markdown on a site generated with Eleventy (11ty)

  6. About that first rule of ARIA

    And elegant way to add a meaningful label to icon buttons using an aria-label attribute.

  7. min() in CSS vs. min() in LibSass

    An explanation on why CSS's min function and node-sass do not work together and a possible solution

  8. Hide commands from Bash history

    How to keep some commands out of Bash's history file

  9. Quickly toggle hidden files in macOS's Finder

    How to quickly (or permanently) toggle hidden files in macOS's Finder and other macOS file dialogs

  10. CSS Custom Properties in Sass

    How to make CSS Custom properties and Sass play nice together

  11. Creating bundles with webpack

    Webpack bundling in a nutshell

  12. CSS and the hidden attribute

    Some solutions on how to deal with HTML's 'hidden' attribute in CSS when using the display property

  13. Brace expansion in Bash

    Bash's brace expansion explained with some useful examples

  14. Useful shell history expansion

    Bash's history expansion explained with some useful examples

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